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Nope, not a grammatical error. At Techtonic Group, we do good in our community by providing opportunities to unemployed and underemployed individuals. We focus on increasing these opportunities to women, people of color, youth, and veterans to enter the information technology workforce.


We have created several classes to help get you ready for our Department of Labor (DOL) Registered Apprenticeship in Information Technology - Software Developer, or wherever you go next. Classes are free to those who qualify. Each 5-week, classroom-based program will help motivated individuals get skilled up for software development careers.


Techtonic Academy students will learn basic coding literacy (how code works, fundamental computational thinking, logic structures and more) as well as gain familiarity with the most common coding languages.


Students develop the soft skills and career readiness training to work in a software development environment. Graduates of Techtonic Academy may qualify for an 8-month, paid apprenticeship with Techtonic Academy.


During the classes, students gain valuable experience working on software projects that they can add to their portfolios. Students will also gain valuable lessons on success in the workplace.


After your Techtonic Academy class, those accepted into the Techtonic Group Apprenticeship are paid a salary while they work side-by-side with senior software developers and former apprentices to gain coding experience. Apprentices work on live projects with real clients and deadlines in the latest tech stacks.

Upcoming Classes

Our Apprenticeship Training Class schedule for the remainder of 2017 has been finalized. Class locations include Denver, Boulder, Denver Tech Center and Colorado Springs. Classes are held from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday.

Techtonic Group Apprenticeship Program

So You Want To Be A Developer?

Join Us

From .Net to PHP, JavaScript to HTML—the practical, hands-on knowledge you gain at our Department of Labor (DOL) certified Techtonic Group Apprenticeship will impact your life today and long into the future. Become a member of the Techtonic Apprenticeship team and start building your skills and your resume. At Techtonic Apprenticeship, you’ll go beyond the code and also learn professional development skills such as creativity, critical thinking, conflict management, goal setting, and how to run a meeting effectively and efficiently. Apprentices must first take the apprenticeship class at Techtonic Academy in order to qualify.

Growth Opportunity

The possibility of success is at your fingertips (literally). Coders who are part of the Techtonic Group Apprenticeship team are paid hourly and earn the opportunity for increases by completing certain projects or submitting work on time. Monthly assessments help you stay on track and improve your technical competency and professional skills. And what’s an Apprenticeship at a tech company without a fully-stocked kitchen at your disposal? The Techtonic Apprenticeship team gains access to mentors in the IT field and awesome snacking.


Receive mentorship from caring professionals who are not only passionate about IT, but also passionate about helping you reach your potential as a future professional. Why stop at coding when working effectively in the real-world takes a varied set of skills? Professional development classes are offered each week through Techtonic Apprenticeship, and you’ll delve into topics such as persuasive presentations, effective communication, goal setting, conducting team meetings, working within a team, managing your finances, and more. Are you ready to reach your potential?

What can a TECHTONIC GROUP Apprenticeship do for you?

“A year ago I was working in a pizza restaurant. Today I am working at a big tech company working on cool software projects.”

- Chase H.

“I never would have imagined that a career like this was even a possibility without a college degree. Techtonic Academy has literally changed my life.”

- Edgar C.

“Techtonic Academy opened the doors to an amazing career. I was on the wrong track for a long time. Now I learn new things every day and I am on my way to a great, high paying career.”

- Gavin R.

"From the first step in the door at Techtonic Group, it's been non-stop learning by doing, building skills for one of the fastest growing industries on the market. I started with minimal experience and now work side by side with accomplished developers. Gaining this experience paves the road to the future and makes this opportunity invaluable."

- Adam A.

"After I got out of the military and had no "real world" skills, I floundered from job to job, trying to find something I enjoyed doing. Having no degree, I found it extremely difficult to be considered for any positions. Techtonic Academy has given me an incredible opportunity to learn and discover something I have found a true passion for."

- Christopher D.

"Techtonic Academy is helping me learn in a real and tangible way when classroom-based learning failed me. I gain more confidence and skills every day that I'm here. They've given me the opportunity to have a life and career I never thought I could have when no one else would give me a chance. I owe my future and success to them."

- Jennifer G.


Techtonic Academy students will learn basic coding literacy (how code works, fundamental computational thinking, logic structures and more) as well as gain familiarity with the most common coding languages and develop the soft skills and career readiness training to work in a software development environment.

To learn more about our Apprenticeship Program and class funding options, please complete the form below!

So You Want To Help Future Developers?

You can create a pipeline for your own development talent by hiring Techtonic Group for your outsourced development projects. Techtonic Group will have a team of senior, mid, junior and apprentice level developers working on your project. At the end of the engagement, you will have the opportunity to hire the Apprentices who worked on your project. If you are outsourcing projects anyway, this is a great way to get work done and meet your hiring needs.


Companies that choose to work with Techtonic Group help support the program to grow talent faster, which in turn leads to a more qualified workforce-a workforce you get a first dibs on! Avoid the hassle of long hiring processes and work with Techtonic Group for your development needs.


When you're in need of talent, simply call Techtonic Academy and we'll send you the profiles of our Techtonic Group Apprenticeship team. You can reach into our talent pool and select the techie you want to fill in the gap in your company, whether you need help with .Net, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, native app development, HTML, CSS, Kentico, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, React/Redux, NodeJS, Express, SQL, MongoDB, RESTful application. This will save you money in recruiting fees and help you to create a diverse and inclusive workforce.


Techtonic Academy strives to provide future developers the tools, guidance, and technical know-how to learn the ins and outs of software development. How often do you get to solve your technology needs while also shaping a young person's life in a meaningful and lasting way? We recruit participants to the Techtonic Academy who may not have been given the opportunity to succeed because of challenging home lives or financial hurdles. While their backgrounds may differ, they all have one thing in common: the ambition and desire to take their lives in a new direction and make a career out of writing, developing, and creating great software solutions.